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Raspberry Ketones: Dr. Oz Recommends Them for Fat Burning!

When Dr. Oz mentioned Raspberry Ketones in his TV show for its miraculous weight loss benefits, this natural extract has become very popular amongst dieters. This can be to some extent due to the scientific analysis that is discussed on his internet website.

To be very clear, Dr. Oz does not promote any raspberry ketone supplement, but this medical study was pointed out on his internet site and can be used as general information.

raspberry ketones dr ozAs Dr. Oz said, raspberry ketones may increase the creation of adiponectin, a hormone that boosts our ability to metabolize extra fat. Ketones are very same in framework to capsaicin, as said by experts, an extract from chili peppers that is connected with improved catabolism of fats.

Studies indicate that lean persons have greater quantities of adiponectin as compared with obese women and men. Additionally, research workers confirm that this hormone will help manage weight easier.

In the same episode of Dr. Oz show, health expert Lisa Lynn also talked about how the raspberry ketones have supported a lot of her clients to overcome weight loss problems when used in conjunction with a proper diet plan and physical exercise. She recommends 100-200 mg of this extract on a daily basis, and she said is the same as 90lbs of this fruit.


This scientific research was created to evaluate if this natural compound could deal with weight problems and boost metabolic process. As we already said, pure raspberry ketone has a makeup similar to the structure of synephrine or capsicum and both are confirmed to result in increased fat burning. The scientists hoped to determine if this compound may also have a similar results and whether it may prevent weight problems and metabolism of fatty acids in mice.

In the research, research workers given a group of mice a high fat diet and also were then given raspberry ketone in different portions and amounts of time. For the first 42 days of the research, mice were fed a high fat diet to verify an increase in weight. And for the following 35 days they were given the same high fat diet together with, this extract to identify its impact on excess weight.

Dr. Oz revealed the results of study on raspberry ketones

After the complete 77 days study it became apparent that raspberry ketones prevent weight problems and the accumulation of fats in the liver. This natural compound will without a doubt put an end to the increases in body weight and the weight of the liver and also visceral fatty tissue.

Raspberry Ketone moreover reduced these weights and hepatic triacylglycerol content after they were increased by a high fat diet. This extract also drastically improved norepinephrine caused lipolysis (fat burning caused by norepinephrine).

In short, it was discovered that raspberry ketone can help with the breakdown of fatty acids (enhanced fat burning), decrease liver fats, increase metabolism, and protect against an increase in unwanted weight. The outcomes revealed that the addition of raspberry ketone help overcome the gaining of weight produced by the high-fat diet and put a stop to the buildup of fats in the liver.

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